October 31, 2005

ID Cards

Good news on the ID Cards front according to The Register
According to a report in the Independent on Sunday, Government CIO Ian Watmore has told ministers that the complexity and scale of the plan means that it may have to be phased in, while William Heath of Kable cites senior Whitehall sources as being on the brink of blocking the project.
From Independent Online Edition >The Independent's article:
Mr Watmore added: "We are going to set the direction for this thing now in the Act and implement it with the technologies we have on the day. If they don't work, we won't go forward. Biometrics is something which has not been used on the scale of a national implementation."

The Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, is responsible for the scheme. Mr Watmore urged ministers to be cautious over new IT projects after a series of disasters which have hit the Passport Agency and the Child Support Agency.

Minister's now believe, "partly because of the problems in the past, that they should not put projects live until they are ready. They would rather delay."
And since the technology to do what the government says ID Cards are for will never be there they should never actually be implemented. Unfortunantly the technology for what the government really wants ID cards for, social control, really is available so they might go ahead.


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